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SHANWEB Terms & Conditions of Business

Any bookings accepted by SHANWEB are confirmed only on receipt of payment of a deposit. This will consist of 25% of estimated cost for the entire project.

Weather is the primary reason for having to reschedule. We will monitor the weather in the days before the agreed date/s. If we are of the view that the date/s should be rescheduled due to weather, the deposit can be transferred to another date that must be suitable to SHANWEB. If the date cannot be agreed the deposit is not refundable. If SHANWEB offer an opinion that the date should be rescheduled due to weather and the client requests we attend anyway, then payment for the day is required regardless if any filming is possible. If the client cancels the date/s within 7 days notice of the agreed start date, the deposit is not refundable. If the client cancels the date within 48 hours of the agreed date/s payment in full is payable within 14 days.

Hours Rates & Payment
A full day rate is calculated as a 10 hour day, and may include travel. A half day rate is based on 4 hours and again travel is included in this.
We charge .45p per mile for travel outside of greater Belfast, Northern Ireland. Agreed travel rates are in place for locations within the Republic of Ireland and will be included in an estimate/invoice accordingly.
For estimates/invoices in Euro, we calculate in sterling and using the Bank of Ireland online current conversion we calculate the current Euro rate at the date of billing and will include the rate used. The rate charged is non negotiable.
All payments are subject to the terms contained on our invoices and late payment fees are chargeable, again as per terms on the invoice.

Licensing and Copyright
SHANWEB retain full copyright of all material and we reserve the right to use for our own promotional purposes, reuse, sell, submit to stock libraries as and when we decide. We will not release any material prior to the client publishing it, or within 4 months of filming, whichever comes sooner. Clients can use the material for their own business use, but they cannot sell, release to third parties without the explicit and written permission of  SHANWEB the copyright holder. If the client wishes to have the option to sell the footage to third parties, or allow them to use it, an agreed contract must be signed and payment made as per the terms of the agreed contract.

Filming/Photography Specifications
SHANWEB can provide any information with regards the equipment we use. This includes our drones and ground based equipment. If no filming standard is specified and agreed in advance, we will shoot film at 1080p at 24fps. Stills will be shot in raw DNG for aerial and raw CR2 or ARW for ground based stills. All material is stored on SD Cards and transferred to a SHANWEB hard drive before transferred over to the client. If after material is handed over to the the client and the client requires the transfer to be made again or to a third party this is chargeable and must be paid for in advance.

Survey & Inspection
SHANWEB are not trained or qualified in any capacity as a quantity surveyor or in any form of structural or mechanical engineering. Any data gathered by SHANWEB in the course of an aerial survey or inspection is entirely and completely down to the client and/or a third party as agreed by the client, to analyse or interpret the data, and any decision made or influenced by that analysis or interpretation is the responsibility of the client and SHANWEB accept no responsibility for any loss or claims arising out of any action or determination acted upon therein.

What we expect of the Client.
As the client we expect you to provide as much information as accurately as possible prior to the agreed filming date/s. Any information that you are in receipt of or become aware of that could/has the potential to effect the ability to film, time to complete the same or safety of SHANWEB crew on the date/s as agreed would leave the client liable to further costs.
If the client has obtained permission from a landowner or other person/body able to give such permission for access and or filming on the land, this must be provided in writing to SHANWEB in advance of the filming date/s.

Pilot in Command
SHANWEB are trained by a recognised entity in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK and the Irish Aviation Authority in Ireland to operate RPAS - (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) aka drones. It is the pilot who will make the final decision as to weather a flight will proceed or not, and also it will be for the pilot to conduct the flight in a manner that is in accordance with legal guidelines for the jurisdiction in which the flight is taking place. On occasions a flight may be restricted by Air Traffic Control or another body/person, physical or environmental factor that is beyond the control of SHANWEB. On all occasions SHANWEB must be content that a flight can be completed safely and legally. If it cannot, then the flight will not proceed under these parameters.

SHANWEB have full Public Liability and Public Indemnity Insurance in place for our aircraft and filming equipment and associated accessories. When a time-lapse camera is installed on a client site, any associated equipment and accessories is under the full responsibility of the Client and any damage, loss or theft thereof the client is liable for the costs of equipment and any loss of earnings from the equipment. All precautions are taken by SHANWEB and our appointed installer (AJC Electrical) that any equipment is installed safely and in accordance with Health and Safety legislation. Ultimately the client bears full responsibility for any damage or injury caused by SHANWEB equipment installed on the client site.

Solar Panels
As per Insurance, any Solar Panels installed on a client site are tested regularly to confirm they are in working order. If for any reason a solar panel was to stop working or did not provide sufficient power to enable the associated equipment to function and subsequently footage/data is not captured, SHANWEB cannot be liable for such loss of data or imagery. In this regard SHANWEB will require access to physically check equipment as and when we deem it to be necessary.

SHANWEB declare that any information submitted to us will be stored securely and will not be released to any third party without your prior knowledge and agreement. Your information will only be used for the purpose for which it was intended, and no other use, unless we obtain your express permission to do so.

We reserve the right to amend our Terms & Conditions as and when we require without prior notification.

Please provide as much information as possible.

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